I'm still here!

2012-10-08 18:56:08 by Nicholas-Deary

So I just realised that I haven't made a news post in about 9 months so it's probably a good idea to update anyone who happens to be interested!

I just released the NG version of PHASE ONE, you can also check it out in full quality over on Youtube. It's a project I've been working hard on for a good while which is the main reason I've barely released any movies this year. But yeah, it's out now so I hope you guys like it. I want to thank Tom for giving me the ability to upload mp4's to NG (it's awesome) and a thank you to Rig for giving me advice on mixing the sound for the film.

I'm also just about to finish a Batman parody I've been working on for a month and a half. It's kind of in the style of the old Batman TV series but with some newer characters such as Bane. It should be released sometime this week, hopefully, so keep an eye out for that in the portal.

In other news I finally got full partnership on my Youtube channel so that's been kind of interesting. Also I will be participating in the upcoming Game Jam 8 this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. I've already set up my team, It's just going to be me and PSvils, bring it on!

Back in July I graduated from university with a degree in Motion Graphics & Animation and this year I started my masters degree in the same subject. It's a 12 month course but hopefully I'll have time to release some little cartoons along the way. I'll make more frequent news post, I promise!

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I made a Facebook page for my animations and things. It's new so no one's liked it yet, so If you want give it a like that would be cool.


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2012-10-08 19:49:06

Amazing! :)


2012-10-18 12:43:26

jesus died for you